Caskey House 9467 Corbould Street North 1906MISSION STATEMENT

Heritage Chilliwack Society is a community based initiative established to engage, advocate for and promote Chilliwack’s heritage.


Our vision is of a community that celebrates Chilliwack’s rich heritage, shared experiences and values.

We envision the creation of a co-operative environment where heritage and community groups work alongside local governments to engage, enrich, educate and promote Chilliwack’s culture and heritage.


Heritage Chilliwack Society will undertake the following to fulfill our mission statement.

Identify, research and record Chilliwack’s heritage assets through the process of community collaboration.

Inspire and raise awareness of Chilliwack’s rich heritage by undertaking educational and informational activities related to Chilliwack’s history.

Support Chilliwack’s economic growth and prosperity by promoting Chilliwack’s heritage assets.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. I was not able to attend your public meeting tonight. However, I do wish to express my support. I live in a 1920’s kit plan prairie bungalow at 9777 Williams Street, altered and expanded over the years of course. As best I can determine, someone ordered the plans and sourced the materials locally. The worksmanship is first rate; all the wooden parts are clear grain fir, possibly from the mill at Harrison Mills. These houses were built in their thousands in suburban Chicago initially and then in suburban Los Angeles. I think Eatons may have sold the plans.

    I also have concerns for preserving the trees from that era. This city does not have a heritage tree bylaw and from what I can gather there are no restrictions whatsoever for property owners cutting down trees. Since I have what is likely the only American Chestnut tree in the entire region growing on my property, this is a matter of preservation concern to me.


  2. I was certainly surprised to see my house displayed on your feature page! I had photographed it today to enter the photo contest, alongside a Chilliwack Archives photo of our same house about 50 years ago. We have lived here since April, 2006. Ken Cruise (Blanche Meints is my spouse, who is co-owner). I was also looking for a Facebook page and an email address to send my photos…


  3. Who has lived in Chilliwack a long time?
    I live in a loft beside decades coffee shop. 45832 Wellington Ave.
    Which Funeral Home / Crematorium was it before it became a loft.? Who owned the Funeral Home?
    There is A LOT of spiritual activity going on here. And not just to me and my girls, but our neighbor as well.
    Last night around 3:30 am my daughter came in the room saying she saw a young girl between 8-12 years old. Long hair, kneeling by our couch. My daughter had this intense sadness overcome her and she started to cry. Apparently she feels like she was killed and doesn’t want to leave without her mom. Her name may be Jaime.
    I Wondered if the Funeral Home owner might remember her. At the same time I looked up and our monitors for our cameras caught the lights turning on and off. I messaged my neighbor and he saw something last night as well.
    This is not the first time. This is one of many.
    There’s an older man shuffling his feet with breathing problems. My girls see multiple ones through out the night.
    Nothing bad. We are much too spiritually gifted and know what to do to prevent anyone bad. Just lost souls for sure.


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